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Here are some of  the creative projects we have been working on. We think these are pretty radical applications of this ancient knottting technique.

We now offer individualized or group training classes, kits, patterns as well materials needed to tatt. Call/email us for more info.


Edging 1 Edging 2 Edging 3 Edging 3
Tatted Motif loading Tatted Motif Tatted ornament cover image loading
Tatted Quilting square
Tatted Motif Edging 3 Tatted Earring Tatted Earring
Scarf And Hat with Tatted Yarn decoration. Scarf And Hat with Tatted Yarn decoration. Tatted Yarn Bracelet Tatted Yarn Bracelet
Felted Bag with Tatted Edging and Tatted Yarn decoration Felted Bag with Tatted Edging and Tatted Yarn decoration Felted Hat with tatted decoration Tatted Shoe Trim
Knitted Hat with tatted decorationTatted jewelry sample.Tatted jewelry samples.Tatted handcuff sample.
Tatted handcuff sample.

Here are some novel applications of tatting ::

Jewelry :  We have designed and made earrings, bracelets and sandals using the basic needle tatting stitches. Beads, buttons,
                shells etc can be incorporated for a wonderful effect.

Quilting : simple or intricate tatted edging can be quickly made up and attached to quilts to give a beatiful trim.

Scrapbooks : the same edging around pictures produces a wonderful highlight.

Sculptors : the tatted material can be applied to the wet clay and leaves a  fascinating imprint.

Jacqueline has taught  the basic needle tatting stitches to crafters of many types. They say it is a straightforward technique to pick up and
quickly useful in their projects.

We have a stock of materials you can order to quickly get going on your own projects :

Call or email with questions or ideas !

Courses    Introduction to Needle Tatting, Advanced Needle Tatting, Tatting with Yarn
Materials Needles (various sizes), Threads (various types and colors, including hand dyed)
Kits Tatted Heart, Tatted Earrings 1,
Book Its Coming ! but not ready yet ...
DVDs Basic needle tatting stitches, sample jewelry project, sample doily project
Completed Tatted Items Earrings, Edging, Doilies etc

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