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Product # Description Picture      Price
FPPRODL01 Rectangular Loom
Approx 2"x3"x1/4"

WeeLoom01 image loading Rectangular Loom image 1a loading ... Sample image of rectangular loom output loading ...
A small rectangular loom that can be used to weave threads into small rectangular projects. If you have any basic weaving experience you will have fun with this !
FPPRODL02 Medium size
Circular loom  Approx
Wee Loom 02 loading  Circular loom work loading ...  Circular loom output loading ...
A medium size circular loom that can be used to weave threads into circular projects such as pins and button covers.
Round and round, up and down, in and out .... did you know can you weave  in circles ? Any basic sewing stitch and weaving experience will allow you to produce fantastic designs !
FPRODL03 Small size circular loom.

Approx 1"x1"x0.25!
Wee loom 04 small round loading    Output f using small round loom, open and around a button....
A small size circular loom, sample showsthe work as removed from the loom (a nice flower design), and when pulled tight around a button.
FPPRODL04 Shell shaped loom
Shell shaped loom image loading ...  Shell shaped work , image loading ...   
Well what shape would you call it ?  A small simple loom that produces a unique scalloped  or shell shape.

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